What is Climate Change? Explore the Causes of Climate Changelimate Change

Access lesson resources for this video + more elementary science videos for free on ClickView ✅ https://clickv.ie/w/TaAw #climatechange #greenhousegases #globalwarming #ecosystem #environment #ClickView This video defines climate change and explains the greenhouse effect and the role of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. While it explores the consequences of climate change on our environment – such as rising sea levels, more frequent extreme weather, and damage to our ecosystems – it also suggests both big and little changes that we can make to protect our Earth. ClickView is home to high-quality, standards-aligned, ad-free videos for every subject, topic and grade. 😎 Sign up for free access: https://clickv.ie/w/VEDw 👀Explore our website: https://clickv.ie/w/WEDw 📽 Explore videos on other subjects: https://clickv.ie/w/XEDw

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